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The Seventech was founded in 1978 on the will and dynamism of the founder Ing. Paolo Castiglione and taking advantage of the experience accumulated during years of high qualified corporate staff activities. Seventech is oriented towards the solution of problems related to 'automation, with services and supplies in the industry. With the consolidation of the local market, in 2006 comes the need to deal with new realities in other countries, especially emerging ones, just entered the European community and Arabs countries with industrial wealth. The Seventech diversifies itself as Trading Company to serve all companies operating in foreign markets. The new European realities of 2007 provide further opportunities. Thus was born in February 2007, the M & C Engineering Automation, based in Bucharest. Drawing on its experience and under the pressure of the surprising success in just two years, opens the Eurotehcnic Activ Ing, earmarked to engineering companies, supply of complete plants or revamping, especially in the Oil & Gas.

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To date Seventech collaborates with Italian companies and exports its experience worldwide, with a special focus on the Arab countries.